Book the dates for next Kamailio World event, schedule for May 27-29, 2015, again in the magnificent city of Berlin, Germany. Soon we will post more details about  timelines for registration and call for papers. If you want present at Kamailio World, you should start planning from now and submit […]

Kamailio World 2015 – May 27-29, in Berlin, Germany

Several videos of the presentations during Kamailio World Conference 2014 are uploaded on Youtube Kamailio World channel. More of them will be stored there in the near future. The link to Youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCElq4JNTPd7bs2vbfAAYVJA The presentations were made available some time ago at: http://www.kamailio.org/events/2014-KamailioWorld/ Note that we selected these […]

Kamailio World 2014 – Videos

Want to learn more about the inside of Kamailio? Next Kamailio Development Workshop takes place in Paris, France, during July 9-10, 2014. The coordinator of the workshop is Daniel-Constantin Mierla, co-founder of Kamailio project, the entire event being organized by Asipto, Germany and Orange, France. The goal of the event […]

Kamailio Development Workshop – July 9-10, 2014, in Paris

Most of the slides presented last week at Kamailio World Conference are now available on the web at: http://www.kamailio.org/events/2014-KamailioWorld/ Details about each speaker are available at: http://conference.kamailio.com/k02/speakers/ The schedule can be browsed at: http://conference.kamailio.com/k02/schedule/ The sessions were recorded, but they need editing to make them web-ready. Meanwhile you can watch […]

Kamailio World – Presentations

The 2nd edition is over, we had amazing time and we want to thank you – sponsors, speakers and attendees! Everyone contributed to the success of the event, we were glad to have you our guests! The slides of the presentations will be published in the next days, to be […]

Thank you all!

Pretty much set up, we are starting in this afternoon with technical workshops. The next two day will be filled by conference presentations and exhibition. As seen on social networks, many folks arrived in town last evening, organizing ad-hoc meetups to enjoy good food and drinks while catching up on […]

Ready to go

In two weeks from today, on April 2, Kamailio World will start with the workshop sessions – a full afternoon filled with technical tutorials about sip:provider CE, IMS and prepaid systems with Kamailio, and SIP Express Media Server (SEMS). The next two days, April 3-4, are the conference and exhibition […]

Two weeks to go

This year we scheduled more interactive sessions, to reveal better how Kamailio and open source RTC applications can be used out there. During the afternoon of April 2, a group of technical tutorials target to teach how to use various platforms for typical use cases: sip:provider CE, Kamailio for IMS […]

Interactive sessions

During Kamailio World 2014, the companies IT Center, Digium, Sipgate, NG Voice, Asipto and FhG Fokus will provide all day long demos and presentations of their products and services. You can contact them in advance to schedule an appointment if you want to reserve proper time to discuss about their […]

Details about exhibitors

The first version of the schedule for Kamailio World 2014 has been published. Over 30 sessions grouped in two days of conference and pre-conference technical tutorials, spanning from various use cases for Kamailio to presentations approaching related VoIP applications such as Jitsi, Sems, Asterisk or FreeSwitch. Among the topics: WebRTC, […]

Schedule has been published