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Event Updates – March 14

March 14, 2013 Comments Off on Event Updates – March 14

The groups of speakers at Kamailio World Conference got new members, among them Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedantz from Technische Universitat Berlin/FhG Fokus and Alan Duric, a pioneer in VoIP, among other positions being co-founder of Telio, Dan Christian Bogos, co-founder CGRateS project, more details at:

It is about one month till the start of the event, agenda is pretty much done, with possibility of few updates in the near future.

Regarding Kamailio project, Monday we released v4.0.0, with really good feedback so far. Thank you again to everyone making it possible. New contributions started to show up on master branch, once you are done upgrading to v4.0.0, don’t forget to give a try to development version and check the list of new additions.

If you haven’t registered yet for the Kamailio World conference, you should hurry up, the speakers and the other participants form an excellent group of professionals working with rich communication services and products, it is your chance to meet with them and get updated on the field:

Also, if you consider sponsoring or participate to surrounding exhibition space, please get in touch with us, you will get an exceptional visibility and additional benefits at the event:

We are glad to announce the first group of participating companies with all day availability for demos and presentations of their products and services: Sipwise, Sipgate, NG Voice, FhG Fokus and Asipto. The list will be updated soon with more participants.

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