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Real Time Communications market has been growing during past years and it is expected to continue on the same trend for a long time. The same is happening with the business environment around Kamailio project.

Many companies involved or supporting the project and Kamailio World conference have open positions related to IP telephony engineering, software programming or system administrations. RTC is a dynamic field, suitable for those looking to be part and solve the challenges that define how we will communicate in the future.

Check the next list and don’t hesitate to contact directly the respective company or us for providing further details related to any position you may consider interesting. Kamailio experience is a plus, but not a requirement for most of the jobs.


Located in Wien, Austria, Sipwise is the company behind the popular SIP:Provider platform. They have several open positions for full or part time jobs, from programmers, to system administrators and business development. Visit their web site for direct contact and more details:



With main offices located in Düsseldorf, Germany, sipgate is looking to hire for several positions, from VoIP engineers, helpdesk, software programmers to system administrators and integrators. Visit their jobs web page for direct contact and more details for each position:



Asipto, located in Berlin, Germany, is looking for subcontractors in the area of web programing (php, ajax/web2.0 technologies). Contact them for more details:


1&1 AG

One of the biggest telecom providers in Germany, 1&1 is actively involved in the development of Kamailio, looking to hire software developers for VoIP technologies:



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